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Custom Framed Handwritten Notes Make Memories Last

Thursday, February 6, 2020

In this fast-moving technical world, is there anything more valuable than a handwritten note? Writing letters is a lost art – emails and texts are easier but far less personal.  There is something romantic and beautiful about the old-fashioned penmanship, vintage postcards, and the stories they tell. Whether it’s a love letter from your significant other, a scribbled note a friend left on your desk, or a postcard from around the world, framing can help you make those memories last.

Grandpa’s Love Letters

Did your Grandpa send love letters to your Grandma while he was in the military? If your grandparents are now gone, those letters are even more precious. It gives you a glimpse into their relationship and personality. Framing a letter or two keeps them present.

The Romance of  Travel

Postcards make excellent framed displays! Whether it’s a vintage postcard from someone, or a souvenir from your own vacation, add a picture or two to complete the story.

Precious Words

What a wonderful moment when your dear friend surprised you with poem complete with illustrations. You’ve got to frame that!

Lot For Sale

Back in the day, a handwritten bill of sale was all you needed. They were simpler times! You won’t see that again. Frame these glimpses into the yesteryear.

Just For Fun

Frame a stack of letters in their envelopes. Keep people guessing what was written.
Tip: Most letters, postcards or recipe cards are written edge to edge. We will float mount them – place them on top of the mat rather than cutting an opening in the mat. That way you don’t lose a single word.

Should I Frame My Vintage Letters Online?

‘Mail-it-in’ online framing services are tempting, but do you really want to snail-mail your cherished item and hope it arrives in the same condition as when it left you? Bring your valuable piece to us – we can help you find the best framing design and we’ll keep it under our watchful eye the whole time.

Frame of the month

A client bought an art piece for his wife to present to her on Valentine’s Day.
We used a double mat and a red frame matching color of the heart in the art. And to add an even deeper feeling, we included a cutout in the mat in a shape of a heart.

Our activities for a good cause

Our ongoing support goes to the Beauty Bus Foundation who’s mission is “bringing beauty home”.

This month we also donated to the Communities Create: “Healing & Empowering Relationships through the Arts”

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